Slow and steady wins the race.

C-c-c-cooombooo breaker. No poems here today!

Sometimes I worry so much about getting things done that I completely forget to enjoy doing it. I finish what I’m doing and look at my work, and find myself disappointed in the results.  A few stories have told me that the reason I’m disappointed is because I kept looking too far ahead. I was so focused on making sure the result was excellent that I didn’t take the time to focus on the steps I took along the way. And when you think about it, if you make sure you’re enjoying every step of that, wouldn’t that make the result even better than your original expectations?

Sometimes things get in the way. You’re working on something and you find yourself distracted by other things. You start worrying about what you’ve started and force yourself to get it finished, but you do a bad job at it. You were looking ahead when you should’ve just focused on the present. The universe has a goal for everyone of us, and we might not know what it is yet. But as long as we’re on the ride, we better make the best of it, the rest will unravel itself for us.  :)


X and I are headed to Toronto next friday to go to:
We’d be glad to make new friends along the way!


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