silent synesthesia

I’ve been so busy with work lately that I guess I forgot that we were Wednesday yesterday, which is my day to write this micro-blog. Since I obviously don’t have much time, I dug up a poem I wrote a while back. After re-reading it, it was actually a nice reminder for me in these hectic times. It’s a bit cryptic but hopefully some of you can appreciate some of its messages.

silent synesthesia

go, stop, think, don’t think, stay still in your warm bath of chaos and slowly sip your sweet addiction until you drown, falling into black.

noise will trample you until you submit, but be calm in your submission and you will win the battle without ever having fought.

observe him in his wild blurred movement and he will never make you blink. your gaze turns you to stone and your will carves the rock like trickling water at the mountaintop.

but shush! for you can’t hear your almighty stare and its results.

touch nothing and everything so you can feel neither and both, and mold the ambiguity into something recognizable.

the five will always deceive you so put your trust in the next and learn its power so that you may go to sleep in your dream and finally wake up… like a glass fractal smashed to bits with your silent, still, stone hammer.

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  1. Definitely cryptic but I think I get it. I think it’s one of those poems that will be interpreted much differently depending on whose is reading it. Nice stuff, how long ago did you compose it?

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