Share For Share

Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.
-Mattie Stepanek

Ever since the beginning of the Valhalla Movement we have recognized the need for supporting initiatives that already exist. The collective movement towards building the world we know is possible in our hearts has truthfully amazed us and we are playing our part in enabling this change to unfold and we recognize the power of strength in numbers.

Thus it is with this collaborative mindset that we have opened up our network and social media presence to a Share For Share program with networks we believe are spreading a positive message, promoting awareness, facts based knowledge & inspiration on our network daily.

Our current schedule is compiled uponĀ a post every 2 hours on the hour schedule but will be compressing into hourly posts in the near future once we fully maintain an around the clock schedule and until we bring in other partners which we are actively seeking. If you know of other potential partners please feel free to send us an introduction via email to info (at)

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Simple Guidelines for Posting:

1) Please schedule your posts at the appropriate time slots. Recognize that ALL times are represented in Eastern Standard Time (EST).
2) When posting consider the question: “Why is it important people know this?
3) The Valhalla Movement Audience is very much focused on Sustainability and looking for Solutions. Many pages and websites do a great job at pointing out the problems and although we are okay with doing such we do want to at least elude to the potential solutions to these issues when posting on our network. We feel the world needs more of a positive approach to tackle these issues so please keep this in mind while posting.
4) Valhalla also has a strong Community & Action oriented mindset and audience where many people are quite intrigued by actual projects and events happening around the world centred around tangible changes they can consider or implement in their lives.
5) Valhalla is a political statement and our statement is compromised by taking sides in politics & or religious subjects and although they might be great for clicks our channel is a space where we would like to remain politically neutral as to be more inclusive versus segregational in our approach towards shifting culture.

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