Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 9.39.14 PMA wise man once said “more money, more problems”. This seems to be an understatement when it comes to Corporations like Monsanto. An inextinguishable urge to dominate industry and a feverish sense of competition, fueled Monsanto’s rise to the top.  Their expansion into a diversity of markets , along with their willingness to push untested products is where we find ourselves today.  In part 2 we observe Monsanto’s overall desire to dominate opposition and sway policy makers,

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Monsanto’s Infamous Products



Untitled-4With all the successful spraying of “defoliates” in Vietnam, Monsanto built a massive industry around chemical weapons. When the war ended they did not wish to see this industry and its profits shrink, instead they turned their attention to the American people. In the 1970’s Roundup was introduced as a herbicide that could eliminate weeds overnight. This led to the development of Roundup ready crops, that could be sprayed with Roundup and would not die.  Farmers everywhere jumped on this bandwagon that promised flawless plant management, immaculate fields with little input.

Aspartame (NutraSweet / Equal)

indexWhile studying gastrointestinal hormones of bacteria, they found that one bacteria in particular, a GMO E.Coli bacteria had a surprising sweet tasting feces. A scientist who accidentally got some this shit on his finger, later remarked how sweet everything he consumed was. He had hit the scientific cash cow! Aspartame quickly replaces saccharin as Monsanto’s main artificial sweetener. Although it has caused seizures and deaths in tials with monkeys, the FDA approved aspartame.


Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH)


What if I told you I could magically make your cow produce more milk? You’d assume their must be a catch, but the FDA approved it, so you go about your business making cheese.  Canadian government on the other hand had bovine growth hormone rejected nationwide, on the count that the hormone was found in the milk, along with unsightly puss and additional bacteria cultures that came with it. They concluded that this could in fact be absorbed by the human body and therefore needed to be tested in order to meet health standards.

Genetically Modified Crops / GMOs


In the 90’s Monsanto began splicing corn, cotton, soy and canola with foreign DNA to achieve a plant that could, withstand the onslaught of Roundup, AND produce an internally-generated pesticide. These plants literally excrete poison. Any insect foolish enough to consume the crop, has its stomach dissolved into mush and dies.

Most of what is in our Supermarkets are made with GMO crops. It is no surprise that there is a serious amount of health concerns that come with the lack of testing done on GMO’s.  The FDA maintains it is safe for us to consume, yet independent research is saying otherwise.

 Terminator Seedsgrim_sower

Monsanto developed sterile grains able to pollinate, but unfortunately could not germinate.  There plan was simple, sell seeds to farmers that would ensure that they return next year to buy more seeds. If the crops are not able to produce seeds the farmer can not harvest viable seeds for next season and becomes indebted. The worry for most farmers is that these terminator genes could pollinate their crops and render their seeds useless.

 List of infamous products continues…

part 3: Big Problem


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