Journey To “The End of the World”

With lots of things happening around the Valhalla Movement the main goal is still the same: to build an Education Centre for Sustainability out of an Earthship inspired model.

Valhalla Welcome Desk
Our soon to be Valhalla Welcome Desk / Fruit Stand

There are many wheels turning on this front – from the planning of the building with local Montreal Architects to the setting up  Solar Panels. We are also pleased to be announce our Welcome Desk / Fruit Stand. There is of course, new connections, knowledge and video content Valhalla is pursuing.  When Earthship Biotecture announced it’s plans to set up an Academy in Ushuaia Argentina, in the middle of the winter and we were invited to attend – it became a no brainer that we needed to send one of our own.

Solar Panel Sheds
Valhalla’s Solar Panel Sheds

Therefore, I jumped at the opportunity to reach a place known for being at “the end of the world” (where they cast off for expeditions to Antartica) and I will be documenting the entire trip beginning to end.  Through a series of daily vlogs, Valhalla will Bring you all along with for the adventure.  Please subscribe and stand tuned in the hopes of achieving a few simple goals:


  • Document and share the experience of attending the Earthship Academy and make the information more accessible
  • Provide exposure for the propagation Earthships
  • Gain knowledge and ideas for how to build Valhalla’s Learning Centre
  • Shed light on the issues the village of Ushuaia is facing
  • Establish a deeper stronger connection with Michael Reynolds the Earthship Biotecture Team
  • Create a short documentary on the change that sustainability movement is having on our world via projects like this

Below is the first video of the first leg of my Journey which is a 4 day escapade to reach Ushuaia from Montreal.

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Our sustainable learning center in Montreal needs power!

So we’ve created a comprehensive solar energy plan and we need your help to fund it!

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