How One Commitment Can Change Your Life

Welcome to The Academy

Full disclosure- I didn’t join Superhero Academy through the normal means. The instructor, Marc Angelo Coppola, held my interest for other reasons, but I’ll get into those later. Regardless, now that I’m in it, I wouldn’t have changed this part of my life for any other option.

Ultimately, what got me involved in the Academy was the enthralling personality, and almost blood-thirsty determination to succeed that emanates off Marc Angelo. I moved to Montreal because of The Valhalla Movement several months back, with dreams of becoming an environmentalist, a community builder, and learning to transform my writing skills into something more powerful than what they were.

Somehow when I got here, I ended up enrolled in the Academy not as just a student, but a participant in it. Those notes that you see hurriedly scratched out under each class, the blog posts that might have inspired you to check out one of those free classes- those are my doing.

Marc Angelo got me swept up in the world of copywriting, social media management, editorialism, content aggregation… In other words, a lot of things that I didn’t really intend to learn, and a few things that I had only sort of considered. Every day I’m learning new tricks, new skills, to make compelling content, strengthen my writing, and increase my potential. It’s those abilities, too, that make it easy for me to endorse Marc Angelo’s Superhero Academy.

A lot of the time, when you talk to an inspirational person, what do they say? Follow your dreams. You can do anything. Make a schedule. Work hard. Those aren’t bad pieces of advice, but are they really a whole picture? Marc Angelo went a lot further with me even on my first conversation with him. He asked why I had come so far to join Valhalla, what I wanted to accomplish in my own life, and I could see the gears turning in his head as he started plotting how to make that happen.

Then, he immediately honored me with a sign of trust. “So what project do you want to accomplish while you’re here?” He gave me free reign and a promise of whatever support Valhalla could offer to work on a project of my choosing, and when I was unsure, he immediately offered suggestions.

From Learning to Leading

A week later I was managing a small social media page for Valhalla, and a week after that I had full editorial privileges on their larger page, and their website as well. Was social media management what I had come here for? No- I had come to learn how to empower an environmental community, and Marc Angelo helped me discover what it would really take to accomplish something like that.

Now, I can’t say that he’s going to hand a golden opportunity to each and every student that walks through Superhero Academy’s doors, but his track record for ensuring that each student he works with has the tools to pursue their ambitions with abandon is nearly foolproof. He’s done it for me- in two months I have a whole new perspective on my own abilities. I’m learning skills I had never considered and even lining up jobs for myself using those skills to both fund and support my longer term goals.

So why should you join Superhero Academy, you might be asking yourself? Because everyone has a dream, a passion they want to pursue for their life, but not everyone knows how to achieve that, how to get there and live freely. Marc Angelo has a long history of success with his own businesses, having started several by his twenties, and in helping others get theirs off the ground as well.

Consider this the open door to your future. Head on over to to get registered for his next free class, and see firsthand what the Superhero Academy is all about.

P.S. If you’re on the fence, it can’t hurt to register anyway. Its free, and if you miss the class itself, you’ll have the class e-mailed to you anyway so you can watch at your leisure! I’ve grown so much in a very short time working with Marc Angelo, and I want you to experience that too!

P.P.S I’m not telling you to do anything I wouldn’t do myself- I watch each and every class, and I’ll be there to chat if you make it live, too!

-Daniel Arsenault

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