2013 Season Schedule

  1. Prepare soil and remediation

    Currently a lot of the land is overrun with weeds (Germ, do you know what kind they are?) . These weeds are quite aggressive because of the arid soil we began with. We hope to replace them with a covering of a clover instead. Last season, these weeds grew fast and had little competition because the soil was so arid. However, we let these weeds die and cover the ground, so the soil this year should be a bit more fertile and wet. As soon as the snow melts, I think we should be planting clovers everwhere so they can get a head start on everything else. Why clovers?

  2. Finish construction of the annual garden.

    We started construction of a 100 foot diameter annual garden section last year. I’ll post the design here shortly. The idea is for everyone to each have their own raised bed, but to help care for each others beds as well. It’s about half done, and so we need to complete the rest of the beds and put the finishing touches on it.

  3. Work with engineering on constructing the earthship greenhouse and its environment

    Engineering will be starting the construction of an earthship specifically to act as a greenhouse as soon as they’re able to build. Since it’s a greenhouse, we’ll be working closely with them to create a productive and happy ecosystem in it.

  4. The Pond

    Last year we dug and filled a large pond in the back corner of the land. The excavated earth was used to build a hill directly behind it. The construction was successful, however the water remained stagnant last year while we were busy with other aspects. This season, we’d love to make it into a happy productive aquatic ecosystem.

  5. Plant main crops at the top of the land

    One of our main crops that is already planted at the top of the land near the road is lavender. We’d like to plant a couple more main crops here as well. They should all relate well to each other and form a protective guild for the rest of the land.

  6. Plant harvesting

  7. Seed Harvesting

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