Dear Universe

It has been almost 1year that I have begun my spiritual journey and have been putting all my intent on what Paolo Coelho would call following “My Personal Legend”.

Like most, I was unaware of what meditation meant back then! ..- What it felt like and all the benefits it can bring – I was lucky however… because I’ve always been a runner.

It’s silly now thinking back how much running I did as a child and teen. It never hurt me to run for miles because I understood the importance of avoiding that thought, of hurt and pain. I sought out a sense of calmness, clarity and the sensation that my entire body was under the most incredible high is what kept me going.

It wasn’t until a dear friend of mine began to join me on my runs that I understood the true nature of what running brought to me. He told me that meditation was a practice which brought the mind to settle, and the heart to rise- I ran miles with him, learning that what I was experiencing was indeed clarity, but that it came from being present and living life in the moment.

and there under those cold January night skies, you; [insert devine choice here] sent me my first guru and religious experience.                                           thank you

Today I am much more than I was on those freezing dark nights, I’ve come to understand the power I have when I listen to what my heart tells me and today it tells me something which disturbs me.

You see, my dear friend is at a crossroad and about to make a mistake. He tells me that his current goal in life is to attain better self expression and higher consciousness.

I wish I can tell my friend that his self expression is only missing a bitty bit of confidence because the collective opinion from every single person he encounters is that he is gentle, approachable and carries a kindness which can only be described as aromatic.

I have been thought by many gurus after him that in presence and pure focus the universe will reveal all the truth it has to offer. So why don’t I feel the truth in his decision? When he tells me what he wants, and what he will do to get it why do his words suddenly loose their energy?

Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself. And that no heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its dreams, because every second of the search is a second’s encounter with God and with eternity.

-Paolo Coelho

So Universe, I sit here in lotus prepared with the intent necessary -thanks to this blog- to push the forces of your existence to help give my dear friend the courage he needs to find in his heart the road he is meant to take.

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