Building An Earthship Greenhouse In 10 Minutes

Valhalla’s Earthship Inspired Greenhouse

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 7.21.12 PMThis year I had the privilege to be part of Valhalla’s Earthship Inspired Greenhouse. It truly lived up to its name, and it was indeed a greenhouse made up of Earthship elements, but more importantly, IT WAS INSPIRING. So many problems seem to plaguing our world, and yet the solutions remain exceedingly simple. What I learned transcends anything that could have been taught in a classroom, or through a book. This lesson was experienced. One that took all my 5 senses and pointed them towards the solutions.  We are all capable of great change, and together we are capable of the greatest change of all.

These are clips from the 10 videos made during the greenhouse build. I encourage you to visit the playlist and watch the episodes.  The films really give a behind the scenes look into what really went on to make this Earthship. In the extended versions,  we focus on some of the aspects that may be overlooked in some large constructions, such as, who is feeding the workers.  The extended version of the tire party episodes document that cooking for 40 people proved to be a challenge, but a challenge we were ready for! Feeding 40 people, 4-5 meals for only 40$. Just one example of the problems we were able to solve as a community.

This is an Earthship in 10 Minutes

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Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 7.20.55 PMI stood in awe as the community came together on this project.  Online activists shared the collective message, and swarms of supporters came to help the financial load.  This was a grass roots movement at its finest. People from all around Montreal, and the world, came to be part in this build. The result was a structure that was built within days.  It now stands a testiment that solutions to our problems are within reach, and just so happen to be fun for the family and great for the community at large.  There is nothing that we can’t tackle together as a people. I now gladly face the years to come knowing we all have each others back.

Our Collective Problems

American discharge 220,000,000 car tires every year..

We’ve became real close with local garages, who needed someone to unload their used tires on. We’d show up in a truck and take those tires away. It just so happens that these recycled materials can be used as a structural foundation in Earthships. An Earthship is a home, that can be made out of recycled materials, which is designed to be 100% sufficient. It catches and stores rain water, treats sewage, captures and generates electricity, and they even produce their own food!tires

Recycling one aluminum can saves enough energy to run a TV for three hours

We’re going around collecting cans, not for the 10 cent recycling reward, but for aluminum bricks, that line our Earthship wall. Not just aluminum, but all kinds of trash can be reworked in genius ways. Earthships not only have a forward thinking design, they have a solution based approach. The world produces alot of waste, and what an Earthship demonstrates, is that we can be resourceful with our waste and come up with ingenious, and simple ways to reuse them.allum

More than 25 percent of U.S. students fail to graduate high school in four years

logoThe education system does not appeal to the youth, and it is becoming increasingly obvious. We believe truth seekers of all ages are seeking practical, hands on experiences, which they will learn from. This isn’t about accepting anyone’s conclusions, but working together to uncover our own. The emerging future will have drastically different education systems, and this is the time in which they are sculpted.

Valhalla will be a place were individuals of all ages can come and learn hands on skills which can be used to improve their local community. Everything from homesteading, to recreational hobbies will be covered. Educational events and classes will be filmed so the international community can take part. CLICK HERE to learn more.Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 5.34.54 PM

Due to human impacts, the world loses 7% of its topsoil every ten years. It takes 1,000 years to produce one inch of topsoil.

Food-forest-garden-1500 × 1125Farming practices may have exhausted good soil, but we here at Valhalla took that as a challenge, and we claimed acres of previously monocultured land, to see what we could do. In a matter of 3 years we have transformed our demonstration site. We can’t take all the credit, the mushrooms and bacterias did most of the work. We stand for permaculture and bio mimicry, and by observing nature we shall all learn together why the old growth doesn’t need us to water it.

Valhalla is now in the process of perfecting it’s zone 5 edible food forest. The diversity of species aid in the collective health of the plants. We have fruit and nut trees, berries, roses, a true smorgasbord of natural delights. The grounds are designed to resist drought and we have not faced a problem.layer

American food travels an average of 1,500 to 2,500 miles from farm to table

We are set up to be a local U-pcik Nursery. Providing organic fruits from June till October, to the surrounding community. Come and enjoy the fruits you love by picking them directly from the tree. You will inevitably form a connection with these plants, and Valhalla will give you the seeds and information needed to ensure you to bring another beautiful species to this world. Each person influenced will increase the localization of edible plants.Untitled-7

It takes 500,000 trees to publish the NY Sunday Times – every week!

Broadcasting in a new way is what our generation is all about. the internet is a defining moment in all our lives. Information travels faster than it ever has before, with less need for waste, always searching for the most efficient way to deliver information. This is a true example of what humans are capable of. Here at Valhalla we focus on bringing you positive solutions, in a wide variety of media, using the latest technologies.satillte

Our Mission

It is clear how powerful community can be, when appreciated and utilized to it’s full potential.  We believe our community wants to partake in positive experiences, both for themselves and the environment, while sharing the experience with like minded people.  Resulting in life long friends and beautiful towns and neighborhoods. Valhalla wants to help see this idea come to its full realization and that is why we are placing our efforts on building a large community center on our land, near Montreal.  This will be our flagship building, that will house our classes and shelter our communal events. It will shine like a beacon into the future lighting the way and encouraging similar communities.

Build A 100% Self-Sustainable School, NO COMPROMISE

Teach the Local Community The Value Of Solution Based Education

Create Fun Interactive Media, Disperse It, So the World May Take Part.

Want to build your own Earthship? Learn about our how to videos and an ebook to teach you how!

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Farm of Future Earthship Inspired Greenhouse

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We flew out to Argentina to film Micheal Reynolds and the work Earthship Biotecture is doing to help the people of Ushuaia.  Be sure to subscribe to our channel to follow us along for the adventure. Watch all the videos in the playlist.

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  1. You guys are missing the point and are infact blind to what they are trying to do in the last 10 posts not one has had a positive fix to any problem to witch we face. Thats what there trying to do. There willing to educate the people, like me who want to learn how to build one of these and expand there knowledge threw work and hands on experence and back breaking character building labour. Rather then the traditional way of schooling and assigments, witch fill you with knowledge usless in the real world and in the end do you or your neighbor no real good other then to help you continue down the same path towards contributing to the demise and poisonings of not only this Planet but ourselves aswell, we are part of this Planet after all. If they where to higher me onto on of these work forces id be there in a heart beat. Its at least makeing a step forword rather then a step back criticizing.

    • “Rather then the traditional way of schooling and assigments, witch fill you with knowledge usless in the real world”. Such as correct spelling? Threw-Through, There-They’re/Their, Witch-Which, Then-Than, Higher-Hire, Forword-Forward. Your point loses it’s effect when there are a slew of spelling and gramatical errors.

      • So your saying because I dont use the right gramer or spell some words incorrectly, my point loses all validity. Guess I should just remain voiceless like all the other people in the world you cant spell up to your specifications. I have to bring up the fact you new what I was righting and it did still make sence.

      • I have to say, I think this movement radically undervalues the current system of formal education. There are reasons to speak with articulately with correct grammar and spelling, and to use more complex vocabulary, notably (but not solely) because it allows one to speak convincingly and to communicate complex hypothetical ideas. And yes, I definitely agree that these ideas can be irritatingly abstract, but they can birth ideas that found movements. Where would back-to-the-land darling Aldo Leopold be without constructionist theory? And universities do charge a rather exorbitant fee to certify that students have the ability to understand the abstract theories, but they spend that money on research that improves our understanding of the world, and human relationships. It is basically like a government tax system, where students are the voluntary citizens. If you argue that citizens benefit from taxation but students do not benefit from obscure academic research, then I would point out that most universities provide a plethora of opportunities for students to engage with their professors research. However the vast majority of students are simply to lazy or disinterested to take advantage of such reservoirs or knowledge, preferring to engage in drinking, sex, and illicit activities (such as drug use).

  2. I definitely want to join this project! It’s exactly what my friends and I wanted to plan, however buying the land was an issue… An ecobase community is the only way to go! We are in south shore and its just great that its only 20 min away from Montreal!

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