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What do you want?


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When asked this question, we have big visions. Dreams.

Those vacations, that Tesla, that husband, that wife, that place, this thing. On an individual level we have it covered. With visions of businesses, empires, fame, game and money.

Sometimes our dreams are big enough to hold even others. Maybe they are big enough for our countries or maybe even the well being of Earth itself.

And in cases like that, we ask the question.

That question.

The question that moves humans in ways that defies social pressures, universal forces and sometimes even your mom.

That simple, profound question:

“What do I want?”

And while you may know. No one else will.

While Joe and Ann are talking about Mary’s new hair cut at the water cooler you imagine what it would be like to have those things you want.

Because here is the important thing about people like us.

We know we can have those things.


And there’s your story.

The story of why you are still at Don Mills paper company #45.

The story of how, you promised “two years here and then I am out”.

It is is the story of the “Yes!… But”

And in the story of your life. It’s your Super-Villain.

Not the big companies, not the government, and not Mary’s new hair cut.

It is your “Yes!…But”

“Yes! Lets save the oceans!… but those tuna rolls look so good”

“Yes!” as your 6:00 AM alarm clock rings “Let’s go to the gym!” … “But that dream was so rad” as you tap snooze and fall back to sleep.

“Yes!… But” is your villain. It is the kryptonite to your dreams.

And it costs you big.

It costs you your future business. It Costs you your new body. And It costs you an opportunity of a lifetime.

And you pay for it every time.

With the 9 to 5 you hate. With the “meh” pay. And with all of the compromises you make to stay in the “Yes!… But” zone.

But lets say that is done. It is over. Finished. Done. And now you are ready.

Let’s say your compromises are done. And now it is time to kick some real ass.

With your new friend and superhero: “But. Yes.”</strong>

“Damn I want that tuna roll,”… “But Yes, I will save the oceans.” As you put it back on the platter.

“Shit that was a nice dream”… “But Yes, I will go to the gym now at 6:00am.” As you get up and tie your shoes.

When you are ready for “But. Yes.” those two words will change your life.

Your “But. Yes.” will drive you. It will fuel you. As the “Yes… But” of old loses its hold. You will move towards the exciting future that you will create, whatever the cost.

Which is a simple, simple transaction.

A currency exchange if you will.

An exchange of all your “Yes!… But’s” (every one of them) to “But. Yes.”

And the new dreams you will purchase with them.

Because for your dreams your “Yes!… Buts” won’t do. They just buy other people’s dreams.

“But. Yes.” is the currency of the creator in you.

You just might need a little help getting there.

Getting out of your dead end job and into your dream life.

And for that, I have a solution.

My friend and Valhalla co-founder, Marc Angelo, just created a new class titled: “Rise of the Philanthropreneneur: 4 Steps To Building A Movement That Allows You To Live A Life Of Impact, Adventure & Profit.”

It’s Free. For you to learn the ropes of the “But. Yes.” world

You’re in “But. Yes.” territory.

It is time you enjoy its language and landmarks on your way out of your nine to five and into your bliss.

Whether it is trekking the mountains of costa rica in search of lost civilizations. Or managing a social media team to launch the next Or starting a farming/meditation community/sathsang on the outskirts of your city.

Your dreams will call you. With or without you.

You can start watching how to get there now and learn the first steps towards a life of impact adventure and profit. On your terms. With people that jive and care about you and a life that feels meaningful to others around you.

I promise if you are struggling at a nine to five and you want to learn how to live your dreams. This class will help you.

You can find it here. Free of charge, and open to any of your friends who need a little boot into the “But. Yes.” territory.

And I’ll see you on the inside.

You can save your seat here.

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