25 Brilliant DIY Old CD-Recycling Ideas

CDs are small and thin but they sure start to take up a lot of space after a lifetime of collecting them. These days, music has gone digital and just like cassette tapes were taken out of stores, someday soon CDs are sure to see the same fate.

Before you race to the nearest trash can and dump out all of your old CDs, know that CDs are recyclable despite how many end up polluted landfills each year. You can recycle your unwanted CDs, or you can seek inspiration from these 25 brilliant DIY ideas how to recycle your old CDs into something new and cool.

1. Animal Sculptures Made Of Shattered CDs

Tossing your old CDs out in the trash is the last thing you want to do in terms of saving the environment. It takes 30 CDs to equal one pound of plastic, and in order to manufacture one pound of plastic a number of resources are exhausted, including 300 cubic feet of natural gas, 2 cups of crude oil, and 24 gallons of water.

Once you throw your old CDs away the toll on the environment goes up even more. It is estimated that it takes over 1 million years for one CD in a landfill to completely decompose. The trouble is an estimated 5.5 million old CDs end up in landfills every year thanks to the fact that every month some 100,000 pounds of CDs become unwanted and obsolete.

2. Guitar Adorned In CDs

Some of us still cling to boxes and bags of old CDs; it’s hard to throw away music, especially music you liked enough to buy the CD of. Unless you want to end up on an episode of TLC’s Hoarders there comes a time to say goodbye to those dusty old CDs featuring the Hanson Brothers and Spice Girls.

3. Mosaic Tile Birdbath

When you get up the nerve to dispose of your CDs, just make sure and recycle them one way or another, either using them to make something new and creative or tossing them out in the recycle bin.

4. DIY CD Mirror

CDs are made of polycarbonate plastic and aluminum, which are high value materials in the world of recycling. Recycling CDs helps slow down the deterioration of the planet by reducing the amount of new plastic that needs to be manufactured, and removing excess waste from landfills.

If you recycle your CDs they get to have a new life as any number of things, perhaps an automotive industry part, or office equipment.

5. Jewelry Box Decorated With Old CDs 6. Christmas Ornament Decorating Made Easy!

Wish I had seen this a month ago! Oh well, hope I remember next year…

7. Wastelandscape

Not so sure this is ‘DIY’ but cool regardless!

8. CD Table Top 9. Mosaic CD Flower Pot 10. Delightful Door 11. Tissue Box Spruced Up With CD Clippings 12. A Musical Way To Fancy Up Your Footwear 13. Creative Coasters 14. Side Table Embellishments 15. Collar Necklace 16. Bling Bangle Bracelet 17. Unique Wall Art 18. CD Wall Clock

What a great way to spice up an inexpensive or old and dated piece of furniture-hey that’s like recycling two products for one awesome result.

19. Christmas Tree Made Of CDs

Now if only you could wire this wall clock up so that it played a different song every hour!

20. Broken CD Becomes Glamorous Clutch 21. The Perfect Way To Pop Your Collar 22. Galaxy Cap 23. Instant Art Work- Shred In Mixer, Glue, Repeat 24. Fridge Door

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25. Madrid, Spain

A delicious dedication to your favorite bands of the past…

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