10 Things That Revolutionary People Do

A revolutionary Person, refers to someone that has a major, sudden impact on society or on some aspect of human endeavor.


tumblr_le5d5u61qw1qzaos7o4_250Throughout our history we have been graced with countless revolutionaries, each one, leaving a lasting effect on humanity.  The revolutionaries of the past are worshiped as religious icons.  Krishna, Buddha, Moses, Mohammed, Jesus.  These were all revolutionary people, who took it upon themselves to discover a new way of life. The successful ones live on forever, with their followers echoing their teachings to the future generations.

TH_Revolutionary Nonviolence_gandhi and cheThere is clearly something special about revolutionist, or rather something special, about what revolutionist represent.  Today we have turned many historical figures into revolutionary icons. Whether it is a ploy to sell t-shirts and mugs, we must still, stand in awe at its effectiveness.

Is it really the person we worship? or the idea that they embody?


We each have the potential to be revolutionary characters, for ourselves, for our families, and for our people.  This may be the reason why we love to immortalize and praise these figures.  Not simply because “It’s Cool”, but because they stand for what we believe in. They embody the courage, the faith, the determination of what it means, to Truly Be Human.wo

They were no different than you or me, there are things they learned along the way, that shaped them into revolutionary figures.

10 Things That Revolutionary People Do

Live With A Purpose

SophiaAlexGreyThey found something to live for, an idea. This idea became the vehicle that transported them through time and space. Ideas sprout when they’re not around, spread while they’re busy and live on after they’re dead. Standing for an idea is what sets revolutionary people apart, and it is what defines them.

The Lesson

Find something to live for that is bigger than yourself. Draw your power from there and soon you will find that you have more energy to do the things you have to do.

Don’t Wait For Perfection, Do It Now!

handNo idea is perfect, that is why they exist in the mind, where they are free to change and transform freely.  Through the act of doing, revolutionary people have shown us powerful examples of manifesting their ideas.  They do not start out perfected, they never do, instead they are meant to be a work in progress.  Forever changing and adapting, moving towards perfection with each passing day.

The Lesson

Do not wait, act! Your idea may not be perfect, but that’s the point! Through the manifestation process, your idea will be refined and perfected, but first it must leave your mind.

Quiet Their Inner Voice

lowbrow,sureal-5b22f32c92536667fc336f29ce36a7e5_hWe all have doubts and worries, of what others might think, and what others might say.  This could leave a person defeated by their own minds, deflated and useless. Fortunately, people have shown us that this is simply an opportunity to build faith in ourselves.  Of course there are going to be ups and downs, but what makes a revolutionary person, is that they get up time after time.

The Lesson

There is enough haters outside in the real world, so don’t start with the ones in your head.  Things may seem tough if you over think them, just get out there and start. If you remain focused on your mission, then there’s no time to think.

Remain Curious

Alex_Grey-ReadingRevolutionary people didn’t get into their own unique view on life by being thick headed. On the contrary, these people have learned the art of active learning. Becoming interested in a subject and devouring any information on the topic at hand. This allowed for continual out growing of their old self.  They changed with the times and perfected their revolutionary status.

The Lesson

Rekindle the flame of educating yourself. Be open minded. Go out and inform yourself on the things that interest you.  Always remain in a state of active learning, and you will never stop growing.

Take Responsibility For Your Actions

Alex_Grey-DespairMaking a mistake is one of the gifts of failure. We will all make a mistake in our lives, maybe even a few. Each time, we are given a window of opportunity to see where we went wrong. Which could allow us insight into how to perform correctly, if ever faced with a similar task.  Revolutionaries know to take full responsibility and not to search for a scapegoat.

The Lesson

Take full responsibilities for your actions. The day you stop making excuses for yourself, is the day you face the true issue at hand.

Cherish Family

Alex_Grey-FamilyWe wouldn’t be here without family, and to a revolutionary person, family is more than an immediate genetic link. Family begins to take on a larger meaning in the lives of revolutionary people.  Their family can comprise of their town, their province or an entire country. They show us the power of unconditional love and the power that can come from it.

The Lesson

Acknowledge everyone around us as family. Together we are all pulling the human race forward, and together we are capable of great things. Learn to love your neighbor.

Discover The Higher Virtues

Journey #3 greeting cardThis is the true power of the revolutionary person. It’s what washes over you when you hear them speak,leaving you in tears and speechless.  Those goosebump producing powers come from humanities higher virtues; truth and compassion give way to love and we are left with the resulting wisdom.  These virtues speak louder than words and remind us all of peace and harmony.

The Lesson

Be open to the higher virtues of human experience.  There is a power in truth and compassion that is not matched by seductive or willful means.

Focus On The Message Not The Messenger

Alex_Grey-New_Man_New_WomanAlthough sometimes the line is blurred in the media, the revolutionary person was very keen to keep the focus on the message.  This essence of humanity is what made sure the idea spread and that the movement gained traction.  If they could become selfless, their ideas would not be attached to their mortal flaws.  Unpersuaded by fame and glory they were now free to receive the greatest treasure of all.

The Lesson

“Don’t gain the world and lose your soul, wisdom is worth more than silver or gold.”

Lighten Up

277712_1635523452-happy.jpgA revolutionist knows not to take anything too seriously.  Nothing in this world is set in stone, and that is precisely why they think there is room for revolution.  In order to experience and live through these changes, we must loosen up and become more adaptive.  Humanities greatest skill, is that of adaptation. Being able to bend and shape our bodies, minds and souls to fit any circumstance. Those who can really “let go” are the ones we watch float up to join the stars.

The Lesson

Don’t take things to seriously, this journey is meant to be fun.

Take Good Care of Yourself

yoNot all revolutionary figures made it this far. Sadly, some left us before they could embody this important aspect of life. Your body is a temple, your temple, and your going to need it to preform your work.  A revolutionary act may be ignited in others through thoughts and ideas, but it is carried out by bodies and verbs.  The longer you can push your body, the further you can push your limits.

The Lesson

Exercise and eat wisely, cause it takes energy to be successful.

Surround Yourself With The Right People

Alex_grey-net_of_being-2007-001This is how things are taken to that illusive “next level”. Like minded people team up under a common cause.  Their collective efforts compliment one another perfectly. Leading to instant manifestation of ideas and the realization of dreams.  Knowing and acting upon the notion, that when we work together, we can achieve unbelievable things.

The Lesson

The whole is ALWAYS greater than the sum of it’s parts.

Us and Them


We all have the power to be revolutionary people. We have the potential to revolutionize our world. If we have faith and embody the right things, we cannot fail.

You have everything it takes to be great at something entirely unique to you. Even if you think someone has done it before you. They haven’t! Because they are not you. No one can and will do anything, like you do. You are 100% unique, we all are. Some of us may have fallen victim to thinking otherwise, but I assure you, great things are waiting for you just around the corner.

You just have to start! Remember this journey is for you and you will be exploring yourself, so there can only be two mistakes made.

– Not Starting & Not Going All The Way


Art Work Courtesy Of Alex Grey

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