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Who are we?

Valhalla is a group of like-minded members, from all over North America, hell-bent on inspiring people to be the change they wish to see.

Where are we located?

We are in La Prairie on the South Shore of Montreal, just 20 minutes outside of downtown.

What are we doing?

We are building the first of many 100% sustainable communities in the Montreal region. Our plan is to document the entire process to show the world that sustainable communities are:

  • Awesome: not only is it great for the planet, but also a fantastically fun and freeing way to live.
  • Feasible: anyone can do it, and we'll show exactly how.
  • Necessary: even if this wasn't fun or easy, this is what we need to do right now for the planet.
When are we starting?

Valhalla was born in April 2012. We've been planning and organizing since and will begin constructing our first Earthship in Spring 2013.

Why are we doing this?

We believe many of the world's ills can be solved through sustainable, communal living. Through action, community and sustainability, we want to be the spark that influences people to live a lifestyle that is eco-friendly and happy.

How are we funding our project?

We are funding the project through multiple methods:

  • The project already has massive support by local business who have committed to donating thousands of dollars in plants, trees, soil, labor, lumber, etc. over the next few years.
  • We're in process of designing the perfect Kickstarter to garner both funding and attention for the community.
  • We will be selling products on our online store (coming soon) to help support the cause.
  • Trading skills and time of members (eg. web design, videography) for necessary materials and services

The Valhalla Team

  • Vivian Kaloxilos



  • Greg Hunt

    Age: 23

    Bio: He was accepted to McGill's Math and Biology program before refusing acceptance to pursue a more productive and fulfilling life with Valhalla. Currently working as the lead web developer at a small but successful Montreal web firm.

  • Jordan Lejuwaan

    Age: 22

    Bio: USC dropout who created a thriving website - - which inspires people to think differently, and a clothing company called RaveNectar.

  • Sheila Barranqueiro

    Age: 24


  • Marc Angelo Coppola

    Age: 25

    Bio: McGill graduate who taught himself videography and started a marketing company called 'Why? Simply Because'.

  • Sandra Lam



  • Nick Joyce



  • Lawrence Miglialo

    Age: 24

    Bio: Math-major who could no longer ignore the lessons learned on his travels around the world. He is now devoted to changing the world, and making high school life easier for his students with his start-up company, "Educated Solutions".

  • Germ Dee

    Age: 25

    Bio: Artist, graphic designer and modern-day alchemist. He spends his days mixing potions for his plants and body, exploring the ways of the ancients and testing the boundaries of consciousness.

  • Hilton Simmet



  • Marty Nasralla


    Bio: Public Relations student at Mcgill University. He spends his time spreading the word about Valhalla through media and events.