Why “Valhalla” as a name?

Well there are a few reasons the first of which deals with needing a name that was international.

Due to language laws in Quebec we wanted to pick a name that was both French and English as to not have to translate it every time as well as having something that worked internationally in all languages due to our ambitions towards the spread of this Movement.

We also wanted to pick something “sexy” and “badass” with some historic representations and associations and none seemed to appeal more then the Norse / Viking mythology of this Great Hall called Valhalla in the land of Asgaard.

To concisely go over it’s meaning – Valhalla is the hall in which all the warrior Vikings that perished were allegedly to end up in order to train for the Battle of Armageddon – a huge anticipated battle in the heavens between the Norse Gods.

We in many ways identified with such as we feel we are fighting the battles of the ideals – between the status quo – and what could be if we applied sustainable technology and our core tenants to the world.

At the end of the day we believe in a world that that empowers all humans to be free to express their unique gifts to the world – regardless of religious beliefs – gender – age – financial wealth – social class or status or any other segregation of demographics.