Short-term (Two Years)

  • Continue to work on the permaculture plan on the 5 acre piece of land
  • Finish Farm of the Future Greenhouse
  • Add Solar Power to the land to set up automatic irrigation systems & for fruit stand
  • Add some artwork to the land that allows for a beautiful integration of plants and art
  • Set up bigger Bee Keeping initiative (move from 1 hive to 3)
  • Set up Compost Section of land
  • Create a very powerful “Learn” platform online
  • Launch GreenSeed to allow others to fund their sustainable projects around the world
  • Build Sustainable Barn Building that will serve as an educational example of what is possible both online and offline.
  • A whole lot more…


Long Term (Five Years)

  • Begin work on Rest of 60 Acre piece of land
  • Develop plans for entire property
  • Expand Movement into different cities and areas of work
  • Expand media network to reach over a million people a month
  • Create a major events that will help bring people together to propagate the movement
  • A whole lot more…