Property Rights

All assets purchased under the name of the Valhalla Movement belong to the collective of it’s members and are only to be used or liquidated with the approval of its members.

All items brought in by an individual that are in use by the Valhalla Movement but not officially donated to the movement remain under private party ownership.

All money raised through Crowd Funding – GreenSeed – or projects or undertakings taken by the Valhalla Movement remain in the organizations property.

All online media platforms – be it social media accounts – website – videos and content of all kinds are the legal property of the organization and are to remain such in perpetuity.

All logo’s symbols – emblems – graphics – website code – that are made for or in the name of the Valhalla Movement also become part of the legal assets of the organization.

Organizations which collaborate with or make events – deals – partnerships – or understandings with the organization