Membership Roles & Limitations

Volunteers or Contributors are the most common form of Valhalla contributors who are non-voting members.

All volunteers must first attend an orientation tour or webinar to overview the principles of the project and then attend workshops – volunteer days or help out in person or online.

They also are allowed to sit in on Valhalla in person meetings as “voyeurs” if invited but cannot be a part of the discussions unless addressed directly or when the floor opens to comments from all parties.

Interns are volunteers or contributors who have now entered the application process outlined below. This is a group of people who are actively becoming Full Time Members and who are really integrating into all aspects of the group.

Interns are members who are allowed to be a part of committees as well as attend meetings and actively participate in the discussion but their vote is not officially taken at the point of decision. They are also not allowed to be Heads of any Committee something that is explained a little later in this document.

Full-Time Members are the backbone of the organization and final stage of membership. Each Full-Time Member has a right to vote on all issues within the organization and all members have 1 vote with no proxies or method of collecting more votes.

They are the leaders of the movement and the only potentially salaried positions within the organization and have responsibilities to attend or inform themselves on meetings – vote on proposals regularly and be of an all access pass to the organizations various assets and tools.

They must take part in at least 1 committee but no more then 4 and commit a certain amount of effort to stay up to date and contribute to the group.