Member Acceptance Voting

For Interns to become Full Time Voting Members they must:

  1. Thoroughly understand and support Valhalla’s Vision, Mission, Core Tenets and Mandate.

  2. Share Valhalla’s values and Lifestyle

  3. Have a positive attitude and be helpful

  4. Follow the decisions made by the community

  5. Learn and practice Valhalla’s decision making method

  6. Learn and practice Valhalla’s Conflict resolution method

  7. Be liked by most people in the group

  8. Willing to give Valhalla references

  9. Will uphold personal financial responsibilities

  10. Can meet Valhalla’s activity requirements

  11. Doesn’t present red flags (Addiction, history of financial irresponsibility, serious criminal record, emotional disturbances, mental illnesses etc. etc.)

After the full 90 day period another meeting is held that will have the 3 pillars present their opinion on whether or not the candidate stepped up to the challenge and should be considered as a member. Although they are not the only 3 people who will decide this – there are highly considered opinions are taken into consideration and a member wide vote is taken to decide the faith of this vote.