Internships & Invitations for Trials

The 30 Day Trial Process – volunteers who are looking to enter into the internship program must convince 3 active Full-Time Members to condone a 30 Day trial period.

Within this period Valhalla members will evaluate your integration into the group – your ability to take on certain tasks and be a trusted member of the community – your vibe and your levels of effort and your dedication to the cause.

At the 30 day mark – an exclusive members only meeting and vote will be held to discuss these items and decided whether or not an intern passes into the next 60 Day Challenge.

The 60 Day trial is a tougher period in which the Intern must pick 3 pillars to guide them through this period. These 3 pillars known and the Mind, Body and Spirit Pillars will be responsible for picking 3 challenges unique to the candidate that will challenge their fears, weak points, dedication all in the goal of constructively helping the candidate become the Superhero they themselves want to be.