Education Strategy

Online Events – “The Learn Tab”

Valhalla’s current online learn strategy is being developed to create or utilize the tools to allow people from anywhere in the world to login and sign up for classes given by teachers also anywhere in the world. We would like for some of these classes to live on forever and have a system where both Valhalla and the teachers benefit from the use of this platform.

We are setting up a webinar platform for this use to be launched in coordination with a calendar of events and a appropriate learn tab that is designed via Categories and Topics and by different teachers.

Different classes will be held at different revenue sharing models and but what Valhalla is committed to is spreading the most pertinent – up to date – and valuable information around the world to the wider and wider audience and very much believes in trying to provide as much affordable value as possible while maintaining economic sustainability for the teachers and platform operators as well.

Offline Events

Community although possible to build online is also much stronger when the realm of education and events goes offline as well. There is much to learn in person and so Valhalla is dedicated to doing as many workshops, events and things as possible to make this move forward. We hope to have a regular stream of on the land work activities as well as some other conferences and networking sessions each and every week!

There is always something going on check our calendar for what’s coming up.