Core Tenets

All Valhalla initiatives incorporate and align with the following core values:


The road to abundance is sustainability. Sustainability is a lifestyle where you give back more than you take in order to ensure the wealth of life’s future generations. This applies Environmentally, Socially and Financially. It is the power to maintain, uphold and defend nature – the beautiful balance of our planet and it’s complex ecosystems, as well as foster an environment where humans live in harmony with these processes and each other.


Our survival as a species relies on our ability to collaborate and bond together in times of need. Community is a mindset where we is an extension of me. It is a web of interdependent individuals who strengthen the whole by acting together though their collective values.

With a foundation of trust, cooperation, respect, dedication and persistence community is at the heart of social innovation. It strengthens this sense of belonging and unison through the ideas of freedom, harmony, love, and empathy towards all.


Knowledge is more than just facts, information and skills but is also comprised of a deeply valuing an educational culture, collaboration and proliferation of ideas, information and empowerment through experience.

Upholding the spirit of an open mind we must see the value of an unconventional education – of respecting different individuals levels of understanding – of active participation of the sharing of knowledge both online and offline.

Knowledge is power when it flows through the open channels of communication which make humanity rich in something money can’t buy.


Changing the status quo is the priority of the Valhalla Movement and we have firm believes grounded in setting measurable action towards achieving it.

We vote every day with our money, time, attention and energy towards what we are effectively advocating with our actions and changing such towards being more mindful of our physical and social environment is the main focus of our cause.

By setting targets – establishing measurable intentions – and committing to doing them no matter how long it takes our actions can turn into successful results for change.

The Valhalla Movement is not a protest – it’s a solution.