Since, in a general sense, this is Consensus format, the group canʼt move to implementing any form of the proposal if anyone decides to block the proposal. Blocking should not be a common thing.

Blocking even after re-introducing the proposal means that these individuals are stopping the proposal from moving forward. The only real reason to do so is if you believe that the proposal does not align with the core values of the group and that if enacted, the proposal will cause detriment to the group.

It is stated in A Guide to Formal Consensus, “A blocking concern must be based on a generally recognized principle, not personal preference, or it must be essential to the entire group’s well-being. Before a concern is considered to be blocking, the group must have already accepted the validity of the concern and a reasonable attempt must have been made to resolve it. If legitimate concerns remain unresolved and the person has not agreed to stand aside, consensus is blocked.” Just something to think about. The Peacemaker also has the ability to speak to a person blocking a proposal and voice concern if he/she believes that a block is inappropriate. In other words, blocking is a last resort when compromise and revision become impossible.