The history of the Valhalla Movement really is like the story of an idea that has organically grown into a grass roots movement.

It really all began with 3 founding members Greg Hunt, Jeremy “Germ” Dee and Marc Coppola sitting down and coming down with a commitment change the world. We were tired of waiting for change and therefore we adopted a proactive approach to make the change we wanted to see happen.

We did what we thought was right – plant trees and look to proliferate nature through semi vague knowledge of a concept we were still only beginning to learn about known as permaculture.

A few trees – plants – paths – pond and things later and before you we knew it we had people swirling around this idea as it continued to grow. We had plans to build something off the grid and really do everything separate from the current status quo but had no intention of leaving it – just in showing that we could do it better.

We eventually invited Jordan Lejuwaan to come up from California and be a part of this project which at the time was unofficially referred to as “The Land” or “Project Y” but had always had Action Sustainability Community and Knowledge as its tenants.

In August 2012 ended up moving into a house not far from the land as a group with two other eventual founding members Lawrence Miglialo and Marthad Nasralla and in September 2012 was when we first were introduced to Earthships.

With a growing sense of clarity the Valhalla HQ (headquarters) began to thrive and we launched what we eventually ended up calling the Valhalla Movement officially on October 17th 2012.