Eye Opening: 5 Lessons I Learned From A Year Of Watching 50+ Documentaries

Today I want to offer you a gift…

…which I will get to at the end of this post, but first I want to ask you some questions.

Are You Tired Of Talk?

Seriously though – with today’s politics, advertising, consumerism and general bullshit – I sometimes feel like everyone is just talking – but very little are walking.

I’m personally sick of talk, and if you are too then perhaps you will enjoy this story about some of the things I learned after spending a year watching documentaries.

For years now I ( Marc Angelo Coppola, if you care to follow me on Facebook) have been working as what I would label a Social Entrepreneur – someone who isn’t just running a business to line my pockets, but actually running a for-purpose business that earns a living fighting the good fight and helping to sustain the environment.

Whether it concern plants, animals, rivers or anything else mother nature has graciously offered us – to the peers who have embarked on this journey alongside me 4 years ago – I knew I had a personal responsibility to learn more about how we can preserve this amazing planet we have been gifted. So I decided the best place to start was through education – and not in the classroom.

I spent an entire year watching on average
at least 1 documentary a week.

Yes, I’m serious. By the end of 2011 I had watched over 50 documentaries about things like: education; GMO food production; industrial agriculture; the new world order; 9/11; improper management of excessive waste; consumerism; money; the environment; bees; plastic; pollution; oil; water; climate change; particle physics; evolution; alternative construction. And that’s just to give you an idea of the wide variety of topics I explored.

Now you can imagine how depressing a year that was. My curiosity and thirst for knowledge, depth, and understanding was unquenchable and I had begun to learn of all the horrors being enacted upon our planet – of all the lies being told to us by banks, schools, politicians, and corporations – and I was seriously becoming ill.

I felt like the entire weight of the world was crushing down on me, and when I learned that our monetary system itself was a sham, with fractional reserve banking allowing for more debt being produced than actual money, in this giant game of financial musical chairs – I just wanted out.

What ensued in the midst of my depression however was pretty powerful…

I had my first real big F**K IT moment.

A ” f**k it moment ” can be described as one of those back to the wall moments where jumping off the cliff of uncertainty into a drumbeat of action and personal responsibility is the only seemingly good choice to be made. It’s a nothing to lose moment where everything in your life is so messed up that you might as well do something about it.

I took my life savings, went out, and bought some land just outside of my hometown in the Montreal area. Having watched documentaries on farming and agriculture, I knew this land had been sprayed with some of the worst pesticides and chemicals in existence, but I decided to plant a tree in the middle of the corn field and claim it – as a place where NOBODY was going to stop me and whatever I was going to do next.

I mean nobody.

This was the first time I had turned all that noise and talk that documentaries had told me about into action and I’m not going to downplay it or lie – it felt AMAZING.

It was on that day that I decided I was going to build an off-the-grid school and a sustainability learning centre – today this project is now know as The Valhalla Movement Foundation and you can track what is happening on our land here.

What I Didn’t Know

  • Absolutely everything – I had no idea what I was doing or how much this would affect me
  • Anything about sustainability or the environment – let alone running a for-purpose business
  • Had never practiced any farming of any kind – or planted anything barring a few science projects in school
  • Had never even heard of Earthships or Permaculture
  • How bad things really were Some major issues are being overlooked every day that will directly affect you and I

In fact my entire training was in Marketing and Entrepreneurship – it’s what I had studied in school, not that school taught me anything more than what I didn’t want to be. For me, school was just another institution babbling away about the world’s problems, filled with loaded guns and empty promises. And, well, Mark Twain said it best:

What I Did Learn:

  • Anything that I didn’t know could be learned we were all once uneducated even in what we might be experts in today.
  • An enormous amount of facts and figures about all kinds of societal issues – I wish I could tell you them all.
  • Through intent we are the Architects of the Universe – when we set our mind to something nothing can stop us.
  • We need to take personal responsibility for the problems in our world – yes corporations can be evil, but guess who buys their shit?
      Here’s how I see it: Every time we point a finger there are 3 pointing back at us.

However, the most important I had realized was:

Change happens through action – not reaction.

Although watching documentaries was very informative and eye-opening, it would have been meaningless unless I was willing to apply my newfound knowledge towards making an actual difference. Being merely reactionary is not serving us. When we hear about what is happening in politics or the world without actually doing something about it, or becoming more informed, we allow the problem to worsen.

Treating the symptoms of a problem or disease does not solve the issue at hand – the best cure is prevention and early detection.

This exact same medical wisdom applies to our own lives and as you are reading this some of you must be asking yourselves:

Okay sure, that sounds great for you, but what should I do?
What should I be committed to and how can I really have a true impact?

I have been asked these questions countless times and I decided to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

Today you’re in luck – remember that gift I promised you?

I’m hosting a FREE online webinar class to help you commit to your missions – live the life of your dreams and start a for-purpose business and lifestyle that will empower you both financially and emotionally.

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