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Sustainability Learning Center

Sustainability Learning Center

Pledged of $100,000 Goal
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Crowdfunding ends on
August 8, 2017

Personalized Thank You: $5.00

You'll receive your free e-card soon!

How To Build An Off-Grid Home E-book - Early Bird: $25.00

This e-book is your how-to for everything from getting land-permits to picking your design, but it also has all the explanations for how WISDOM homes work!

Freedom Culture and Sustainability Webinar: $50.00

Ever wonder about how we were able to put this all together? 5 years of planning have led to this project and we would love to share our path with you!

Plant in Your Name: $75.00

We have 60 acres of land south of Montreal that we will be nurturing into a beautiful garden for our students. Leave your mark!

T-Shirt - Early Bird: $100.00

T shirts made of recycled materials with a beautiful pattern designed by Valhallian artist Germ Dee.

Fruit Tree in Your Name: $175.00

Valhalla is planting a forest! Be a part of it, and have a tree planted in your name or in a loved ones name! We will be planting a forest of various fruit trees.

Tiny House Design - Early Bird: $295.00

The most energy efficient Tiny House! With 308 sq. ft. of floor space and a 105 sq. ft. loft, this smart design is optimized for simplicity and comfort.

Ever Home Design - Early Bird: $495.00

Intrinsic energy efficiency and flexible living spaces combine to assure that this single-story, 902 sq. ft. home performs to the highest level of simplicity and comfort.

Valhalla Villa Design - Early Bird: $795.00

The largest of our designs- The Valhalla Villa is the schematic being used for the Sustainability Learning Center itself! Be among the first to know exactly what it will be like, and get started building your own!

Online Course + Plan of Your Choice - Early Bird: $1,500.00

Once the School is up and running, be one of our first students! Classes will be ranging from Permaculture to entrepreneurship. Stay tuned for Course curriculum but know that there will be a minimum of 20+ hours of courses in the coming months! Includes E-book + Sustainability Webinar.

You Get It All: $4,000.00

Get the E-book! All the Classes! A T-shirt! Plants and Trees in Your Name! Not to mention ALL of the blueprints!

Name a Room!: $75,000.00

For our high end donors! Get everything in the above options and the right to name a room of the new Sustainability Learning Center!

Superhero Academy + WISDOM Courses: $2,500.00

The full, 52 class course that has a heavy focus on self improvement and marketing as well as the 20 class WISDOM course on How To Build A Movement and Sustainable Lifestyle. Save $1500 discount from the regular price. Delivery Date: Start Now

Mentorship: $5,000.00

The best way to learn how to build a movement, off grid home and community is to visit our own! We are offering a month long mentorship in Montreal (May or July 2017) all expenses included minus flights including all online classes and all other rewards.


We needed to create a model home that is:

Off-grid ready

Buildable in 30 days

Flexible in design

Scaleable in size

Comfortable and modern

Beautiful to the


Buildable anywhere in the

Promotes a sustainable


We accepted the challenge! Here’s how we did it…

Who We Are

A Powerhouse Combination of Two Dedicated Organizations


Our Mission

An Ambitious Plan To
Revolutionize Housing

How These Buildings Empower You


Why We Need Your Help

It takes a village to
build a village

Our team spent years of
planning, now to turn our designs into reality
and transform the status quo of building we need you

It’s time to invest in change

To build the world that we
know is possible within our hearts, we need to put our time,
energy, money and resources where our mouths are.

Our progress is the
world’s progress

The Sustainability Learning
Center is a giant sandbox for turning alternative
practices into mainstream knowledge. 

open to everyone

With online and offline
classes open to public, it will exist to spread education and
empower people to do more.


What We Teach Online

BuildYourHome BuildYourMovement BuildYourVillage

What We Teach Via Mentorship



Learn how to design and construct
“passive” buildings that leverage the energy and
physics of their surrounding environments to minimize
reliance on external infrastructure and reduce resource


Organic Farming /

Learn how to
analyze and optimize soil biology, produce a variety of
crops across seasons, and market your garden to not
only cover your costs, but turn a profit.


How To Build A

Master the art of
telling a compelling story, gather a tribe around your
cause, and create and market digital content to spread
that message around the world.

icon_philanthropreneurshipPhilanthro- preneurship

Design, start, and
run a successful for-purpose business that will both
enable you to live freely, and accomplish your most
ambitious dreams.


Where is the money going?


More About HoW This Disrupts & Innovates Housing Industry

Tell Us About Your Dream Project - We Can Help!

The Project FAQs

This building is going to be on the Valhalla Montreal Co-op land located 20 minutes outside of downtown Montreal, Quebec, Canada. We have begun to transform about 5 out of 60+ acres of what use to be GMO corn and soya fields into an organic food production paradise and a open to the public learning centre.

Well to build a school there is an enormous amount of resources and talent that we need to be a part of the entire project. Not only does it cost a good amount to build the building but all the rewards and educational materials including documenting and filming the entire process - the creation of ebooks and online classes and materials and the large crew we will need to prepare and coordinate the entire build throughout the season is enormous. This money is going to pay the bare minimum of expenses we will need to get this school up and running and will allow us the opportunity to begin teaching students year round from here on out.

In short yes. We want to open the plans up to public and allow for more and more collaborators to partake in the process of designing and upgrading the buildings. However until the prototype is built and we are able to test all elements of our design and improve upon the entire process internally we want to ensure the quality control of these designs being open source kicks off at what we feel is an optimum level for widespread adoption. Although we the team of architects engineers and other experts that partake in our team have designed buildings like this before - releasing the plans before having tested them ourselves in the physical seems unwise!

Yes. We would be happy to find a way to accommodate some different financial options for rewards but rewards although some rewards must be paid in full before purchase. For more information or questions concerning such email explore(at) and let us know how we can help!

Well for the most part we have to. Some way some how we will reach that goal and we are trying to do it via crowdsourcing because that will allow us to not have any debt related to this building and therefore we can run it as a wide open school with much lower pricing then if we had some large anvil of a mortgage hanging over our head.

Yes we are - although we would only accept partnerships and agreements with organizations we feel truly share our collective values.

With modifications yes. The principles of passive buildings can work anywhere in the world but obviously the various climates of the world are unique depending on where you are on the planet. In some scenarios these buildings will need more insulation, in others less. This is a much larger question of course in many ways and one of the ideas we will address directly in our classes.

YES! We are always happy to receive curious open minded people to come and explore everything from our Permaculture Gardens – Earthship greenhouse – our off grid technology systems and meet the crew! If you’re in Montreal you can always come visit us on the land during our season on Saturdays between 10 am and 5pm! Our season runs from April 1st to October 31st and all are welcome without appointment during those times! We do a potluck lunch on Saturdays including pizza so bring some goodies for others and there won’t be a lack of food… You can learn more about Valhalla Montreal and our farming co-op here.

The best way would be to message Valhalla or Wisdom at or Due to the large volume of emails we receive we will might have a backlog and 48 hour wait before some replies – but don’t worry we pride ourselves in answering all our emails! P.S. If you’re in Montreal you can always come visit us on the land during our season on Saturdays between 10 am and 5pm! Our season runs from April 1st to October 31st and all are welcome without appointment during those times!