Economic Sustainability

Economic Sustainability’s role within the organization is to appoint the Economic Sustainability Counselor’s (ESC) of the group who’s mandate is to keep track of the inflows and outflows of the organization not from an accounting point of view – but from the budgeting point of view.

Proper cash management must be undertaken due to the various projects and inflows of cash into the organization and Economics Sustainability Counselors job is to predict this cash flow – create a budget yearly budget that is reviewed monthly as well as let projects being proposed know if there is budget available for the ideas put forth.

If a proposal is accepted or the cash is raise the Economic Sustainability Counselor will be tasked with reimbursing the approved expenses of the project and sort the incoming receipts to save time and effort to the accountants.

The bank cards – access to bank accounts and use of them will not be given any other members other then the ESC’s and who will serve as the guardians of these accounts. ESC’s will also be tasked with managing and doing the first step of tracking of all invoices & revenue streams.

Members from this committee cannot be part of Accounting.