It’s a Mad World

What’s up!

I was trying to prep myself for this blog but things are moving extremely fast at Valhalla. I could mention 6-7 things that happened just this week and it’s incredible (yet not so surprising) how many things happen at once. In case you didn’t know, my name’s Marthad, but people call me Marty. I’m supposed to be the PR guy, you don’t know this yet, but you will. I talk A LOT. I can’t shut up, and I absolutely love doing it… so instead of trying to control it, I decided to accept it and find a role that worked well with it.

Just like Greg, I don’t spend all of my time at Valhalla (yet). I work at a PR firm where I’m learning all the tricks of the trade that I can use for Valhalla and it sure is tons of fun. It’s actually interesting to compare the different dynamics in both worlds. People like to call Valhalla crazy but sitting where I am, it’s very clear that the corporatocracy that we’ve created has made us lose complete touch of who we are as a race. Quite often, I wonder if I went down the other end of the Rabbit hole.

People obsess over time, power and, of course, money and it makes me sad to see my coworkers stress, panic or get depressed over their job. Promising themselves that all the hard work will pay off when they have the money, when they have the time or when they have the power, telling me about their dreams of dropping everything and following their passions. “Why don’t you do it then? All you gotta do is go?” “Do I look crazy to you?” Why Yes, yes you do.

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