This is the Valhalla Environment Committee. Here we will discuss, plan, and execute all things related to the environment of Valhalla.

What does environment mean? It’s the physical, emotional and spiritual energies within the ecosystem that we call Valhalla. The engineering committee will be responsible for the actual construction of structures on the land. But as you can imagination there will be close communication between the two groups.

To ensure its growth and its ability to provide a surplus of nourishment (in all three domains) we must consciously observe, design, interact, respond, and become an integral part of the environment ourselves in order to care for it and it for us. The principles of permaculture will definitely help us with this.

The concept of a committee was made in order to concentrate the efforts and particular skills of people who are interested specifically in the environmental aspect of Valhalla. This does NOT mean we will act independently of the other Valhalla Committees. Germ Dee and I will currently act as heads of the committee in order to report and discuss the findings and actions of this committee with the other committees of Valhalla in our weekly meetings. More information about the responsibilities and organization of committees will be given on our website.

This group will consist mostly of people that can be physically close to Valhalla simply because it takes an intimate knowledge of the land in order to design with it.

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