Dear High School Teachers of My Past

Hey Guys!

I was just thinking about the lot of youz, and it made me… a lot of things actually   (=

because even though I love each and every one of you, I still can’t help but imagine what I can inspire today if I were in your positions.

And I mean, I am getting there, one tutored student at a time. But gosh dangit! You’ve got a class of 30 to 40 students being taken away from their innate sense of being to a classroom where they are forced to listen or fail > at the only choice of teen-life given to them – (lol what!?)

I kinda wish i had been clever enough to ask what was really on your minds the whole time…

What is belonging? Purpose? Happiness?

What is this existence of 3 dimensional surroundings, emotions and beauty – are our dreams a part of it?

Are we living in a world of chaos where every aspect of our existence is derived from a predictable(or not-) outcome among a multitude of possible events?

Why does everyone give a shit about Bill Clinton getting fellatio?

were we just too god damn technologically advanced/westernized/civilized to care? I get it, you had to follow the master’s orders.


and you guys don’t get paid enough, so lets just chill the f#%* out -I’m not blaming you for missing out on the planting of a hero (or hindering the growth of)… I’m just saying, why didn’t you take the social outcasted kids and sit them down to ask them how they felt about things? Why didn’t you look at them in the eyes, or your entire class and sincerely tell them that you are proud of us! – and of yourself! – Because they are the products of what your generation created for them- and now they live everyday moulding it for their future companions.

WHAT IF ? > as often as you reminded us to pay for our hall-monitor fee you had taken the time to remind us that we had a world to fix and care for?

Haha, oh you guys were great though! I wouldn’t have had it any other way… Because (i like to think) in a time where the hearts of the masses only whiffed the aroma of Luther, Mandela &  Lennon’s words, you wrote this letter. And now we, (the movers of today) don’t just feel but live through those sacred & simple truths.

So I’d like to hand in my assignment, you’re letter, the one you were told to correct from your teachers and the one I will improve from youz today


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