The Valhalla Team

  • Julie Perreault

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    Email: julie.challenger [AT]

  • Sheila

    Sheila Barranqueiro

    Co-Ordinator, Content Creator & Editor

    Bio: My strength is that I love to love. Majored in the field of Recreational Therapy, I strive to help others find their light so that this world can shine brighter. I am currently in India, documenting Social Initiatives to bring light to simple solutions and demonstrate examples of strong & beautiful human beings.

    Favorite Quote: "Don't address their brains, address their hearts" Nelson Mandela

    Random Fact: I have a twin.

    Email: sheilambarranqueiro [AT]

  • Samantha

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    Email: shalitze [AT]

  • Marty Nasralla

    Bio: Hey! I love to connect with people and learn about their various philosophies on life. I love to ponder and spend a lot of my time questioning things just to get a better understanding of it. I believe that exploring who we are on a personal level creates a greater change in the world than anything else.

    Favorite Quote: "I am that thorn for whom simply to be is an act of praise. Near the rose, no shame...!" Rumi

    Random Fact: Listen to hours of Trance music on a daily basis and practices Reiki

    Email: marthad.nasralla [AT]


  • Greg

    Greg Hunt

    Co-founder & Webmaster

    Favorite Quote: "All the world's problems can be solved in a garden." Geoff Lawton

    Random Fact: I shot a man in Reno.

    Email: greg [AT]


  • Vivian

    Vivian Kaloxilos

    Bio: I'm a musician, environmentalist, gardener, wild food and medicine lover, documenter, and active dreamer. I'm a student at life and I love all things that live. My path has brought me to Valhalla to help manifest the beautiful reality of freedom culture that I know in my heart is achievable. My mission is to grow, co-create, expand my understanding of the universe, and to heal all things: myself, the soil, the water, the air. Hopefully lending a glimmer of hope for the people around me, as they do for me everyday.

    Favorite Quote: "Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds" - Bob Marley

    Random Fact: I'm constantly doing headstands, I love them.

    Email: vivika [AT]

  • Mitch MacLean


    Bio: I'm looking at going into sustainable urban agriculture useing LEDs and aquaponics. Plants are my passion. I love hiking/ biking threw the forest and camping.

    Favorite Quote: "Nature's imagination far surpasses our own" -Richard Feynman

    Random Fact:

    Email: mitch.a.maclean [AT]

  • Jeff Chudy

    Bio: I'm truly a Bohemian finding my place in this beautifully messy world. I'm a peace maker and a traveler, going where need takes me. I do what I must when I must and am happy to do it.

    Favorite Quote: Do or do not, there is no try. -Yoda

    Random Fact: A policeman gave me back my machete and told me "you seem really chill, you can have this back.

    Email: Greatalastor3 [AT]

  • Kartik

    Kartik Sameer

    Bio: Kartik S. Madiraju was born at the stroke of midnight in 1989. Since then, his best ideas come around the same time. Kartik wears many hats: scientist, student, teacher, advocate, activist, consultant, facilitator, fedora, baseball cap. He loves, in no particular order: the idea of ecological balance, conflict resolution, badminton, hockey, cooking, documentaries and writing.

    Favorite Quote: Karmanye vadhikaraste, ma phaleshou kada chana, Ma karma phala hetur bhurmatey sangostva akarmani. -Bhaghavad Gita 2:47

    Random Fact: I'd give up everything to be a penguin.

    Email: kartik.madiraju [AT]

  • Yannick Richard

    Bio: Technology has the power to change our world, but sadly most people seem to take it for granted. I'm the kind of person that doesn't take it for granted and is constantly up-to-date on just about anything tech related.

    Favorite Quote: I share, therefore I am.

    Random Fact: When I was little I'd randomly start dancing every time I'd see a totem pole.

    Email: yannick [AT]


  • Sandra

    Sandra Lam

    Bio: A curious child and loveable hermit, carefree but warrior-like. Always faithful, always respectful. My goal is knowledge, my path experiential learning, and my tools spontaneity, patience, and love.

    Favorite Quote: "It might be true that there are six billion people in the world, and counting. Nevertheless - what you do makes a difference. It makes a difference, first of all, in material terms. It makes a difference to other people, and it sets an example. And in short, I think the message here is that we should never simply write ourselves off and see ourselves as the victim of various forces. It's always our decision who we are." - Professor Robert C. Solomon in the movie "Waking Life"

    Random Fact: I can read ancient Greek and Latin.

    Email: sandra [AT]

  • Chloe Grace

    Founder of Direct Action Valhalla

    Bio: I stand up for those who cannot speak. Positive activism is my passion. Caring for the world, my role. My philosophy goes on tangent. Through Valhalla I have an united platform to cocreate change. I love to travel. Becoming involved with intentional communities worldwide is so exhilarating. When we create community it is clear that we are all connected. Check out the Direct Action branch of Valhalla!

    Favorite Quote: Your life is your message to the world make sure it's inspiring.

    Random Fact: My camper van is my home. It runs on vegetable oil!

    Email: chloegbuzzotta [AT]


  • Germ

    Germ Dee

    Groundskeeper For Land + Content Creator For Movement

    Bio: ?

    Favorite Quote: "The Best Time to Plant a Tree Is 20 Years Ago; The Second Best Time Is Now" John 14:6

    Random Fact: I am you



  • Nick

    Nick Joyce

    Favorite Quote: "Simplicity is the ultimate sophiscation." - Leonardo Da Vinci

    Random Fact:

    Email: nick [AT]


  • Jordan

    Jordan Lejuwaan

    Bio: I'm a dreamer, web designer, entrepreneur and an enthusiastic explorer of consciousness who's passionate changing the world in a huge way. I live for traveling, late-night conversations and moments of intense clarity or intoxication.

    Favorite Quote: "The greatest pleasure in life is doing that which others say you cannot do." - Walter Bagehot

    Random Fact: Avid psychonaut

    Email: jordan [AT]


  • Hilton

    Hilton Simmet

    Bio: I like studying science and philosophy. But I'd always rather be outside.

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    Email: hiltonsimmet651 [AT]

  • Alan Burns

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    Email: alburn33 [AT]

  • Ben Carton

    Bio: Love life let it love you back!

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    Email: bcarton [AT]

  • Marc Angelo Coppola

    Co-Founder - Chief Editor & Outreach Specialist

    Bio: The person I aspire to be is the better version of the person I was yesterday!

    Favorite Quote: "Through intent we are the architects of the universe" - Myself

    Random Fact: I dance like nobody's watching every Monday morning to celebrate the fact that I don't work a 9 to 5!!

    Email: marc_coppola [AT]


  • Lawrence

    Lawrence Miglialo

    Resource Coordinator, Content Creator, Yogi & Chef

    Bio: Traveler, teacher, lover and chef. I gravitate towards truth driven by the fire in my core & the love in my heart. While I realize lives are complexities perhaps not worth understanding one thing is for sure; I know that I can not know for sure what I know... because after all what would be the fun in that :p

    Favorite Quote: "Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself. And that no heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its dreams, because every second of the search is a second’s encounter with God and with eternity." Paolo Coelho - 'The Alchemist'

    Random Fact: I was once stranded in the Amazonia with nothing but my best friend, a 2" LED flash light and a bag of half rotten bananas

    Email: lawrence [AT]