Fundraising Projects

Check out the projects we're trying to fund. These work just like Kickstarter -- the project is not funded until 100% of the funds are raised. Each backer is given a reward depending on their level of donation.

The Phoenix Bus

Support us in the creation of the Phoenix bus and join us on our special group trips to various Ecovillages, farms, urban projects and other locations that bring positive change to our world!

0.8% Funded
$242.00 Pledged
66 Days Left

Growing Hope

Strength Does Not Come From Physical Capacity But From An Indomitable Will.
Help Valhalla Replace 7.5 Acres of GMO-Pesticided Land With Clean Organic HEMP

10.2% Funded
$812.00 Pledged
20 Days Left

Shinobi Cycles

Fall in love with the new wave of public transit. With a simple Shinobi electric conversion kit; you can transform your bike at home into an electric vehicle.
Don't have a bike? No Problem
Valhalla wants to customize the bike of your dreams; We take 100+ years of biking innovation and condense into a commuters dream; Shinobi Cycles Are Light, Fast, Comfortable and Durable.

0.5% Funded
$80.00 Pledged
26 Days Left

Solar Powering Valhalla Montreal

Our sustainable learning center in Montreal needs power! So we've created a comprehensive solar energy plan and we need your help to fund it!

100.4% Funded
$5,020.00 Pledged
0 Days Left

"Root the Tree" Campaign

InTerraTree is an ecovillage project in Togo, West Africa cooperatively designed with locals to meet their needs while fostering creative collaboration between cultures. Every $1 goes a long way in Togo and with just $5,000 we can buy the land, start growing food, and digitally connect the local community with the world!

101.1% Funded
$5,055.00 Pledged
0 Days Left