Fundraising Projects

Check out the projects we're trying to fund. These work just like Kickstarter -- the project is not funded until 100% of the funds are raised. Each backer is given a reward depending on their level of donation.

Growing Hope

Help grow a Hemp Wonderland 20 minutes outside of downtown Montreal.

3.5% Funded
$282.00 Pledged
27 Days Left

Shinobi Cycles

Fall in love with the new wave of public transit. With a simple Shinobi electric conversion kit; you can transform your bike at home into an electric vehicle.
Don't have a bike? No Problem
Valhalla wants to customize the bike of your dreams; We take 100+ years of biking innovation and condense into a commuters dream; Shinobi Cycles Are Light, Fast, Comfortable and Durable.

0.5% Funded
$80.00 Pledged
62 Days Left

Solar Powering Valhalla Montreal

Our sustainable learning center in Montreal needs power! So we've created a comprehensive solar energy plan and we need your help to fund it!

100.4% Funded
$5,020.00 Pledged
0 Days Left

"Root the Tree" Campaign

InTerraTree is an ecovillage project in Togo, West Africa cooperatively designed with locals to meet their needs while fostering creative collaboration between cultures. Every $1 goes a long way in Togo and with just $5,000 we can buy the land, start growing food, and digitally connect the local community with the world!

101.1% Funded
$5,055.00 Pledged
0 Days Left