Being A Channel For Good

Preston Smiles Channel Good Valhalla Movement

Think about this; As people - who live among many other people - we engage countless times in social transactions which we usually consider insignificant and perhaps avoidable. But what if, when you left your home in the morning, you realize a different meaning toward those engagements. You realize that perhaps you ...

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They Invented Tree Hugging

Badass tree hugger bishnoi woman

It's something often done these days - but have you ever wondered who were the first to start this powerful non-violent style of protest? February of this year, Sheila and I located and learned from an ancient tribe of people who call themselves, The Bishnois. What came from the visit involved way more ...

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Climate Change[d]

From Climate Change to Climate Changed

continuing our conversation earlier... Consider that a simple Google News search of the term ‘climate change’ brings up a litany of articles on how a disaster is linked to the phenomenon, or how known consequences are actually worse than initially thought [13]. The basic point of these articles -and the daily ...

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Why We Keep Pressing Snooze On Climate Change

HQ Snooze on Climate Change

In a recent interview, retired Navy Rear Admiral David Titley explained that climate change impacts were a threat to national security [1]. The threat of war is just one more in a long list of climate change horrors that scientists and activists say will occur by the end of the ...

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Damage Control; The Potato


Potatoes are reported to have been domesticated somewhere between 8000 BCE and 5000 BCE. This starchy tuber began its roots in South America and has since spread all around the world, becoming a staple food crop to many cultures. The colourful history of the potato has a lot to teach us ...

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+2,000 Nepalis Hug Trees For Love


So this seems to be all the talk here in Kathmandu, just a short couple of days ago when Nepali World Record holder, Thaneswor Guragai executed the World's Largest Collective Tree Hug (results pending by Guinness). His objectives were the following 1. Implanting a sense of responsibility of tree protection. 2. Global ...

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Practical Permacultue Workshop Series

P3 Permaculture

This summer P3 Permaculture and Valhalla are collaborating to bring you some practical techniques in permaculture that you can build at home, on your balcony and back yards.  These topics are intermediate level so there is details available that we would not cover in an introduction to these topics. All workshops are taught by Graham ...

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5W – Emmett Brennan


Inhabit Introducing Permaculture - designing a world where people and planet can thrive. Valhalla visits Emmett Brennan to ask questions about Emmett's and Costa Boutsikaris' new film Inhabit. Inhabit is a feature length documentary introducing permaculture. It presents a vast array of projects, concepts, and people, and it translates the diversity of permaculture into ...

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The Infamous Crampbark Tincture


Some medicinal plants have been with us since the dawn of civilization. They played an important role in our development as a society, and our health as individuals.  Unfortunately some of these plants and their useful knowledge has gone missing in recent years. This series looks to examine the clues ...

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