10 reason why permaculture is f@cking awesome

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Permaculture is not only an organic farming method, it is first and foremost a radically different approach to designing human activity on our good old earth and a perfect way to recreate the links that we once had with it, but that we slowly lost over the centuries. Permaculture gives ...

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Leaders Eat Last


One day a few years back I personally embarked on a journey. One which has been the undertone of my entire existence since. It all started with a decision and a vision. The decision was to be a leader - and the vision was crafted by an elaborate purpose I personally ...

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6 Guidelines to Start a Successful Intentional Community


Before we experienced living communally at Valhalla, we had a very strong idea of what being in community “should” mean and a lot of expectations of what the experience would be. Since we all shared similar values and goals, we didn't expect much conflict within the group and thought our ...

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6 Simple Steps To Unlocking Your Higher Purpose

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Today, it can seem like finding a job that you enjoy is a privilege reserved for a lucky few, and that living a life you love is a phenomenon even more rare. However, collective wisdom and countless studies show that if you do what you love you will live a ...

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Lessons From Sirius Ecovillage

Sirius is an Educational Non Profit Ecological Community located in Massachusetts. Their goal is education and role modelling for planetary healing. Although there are eco-villages I have not yet visited, Sirius sets the bar seriously high when it comes to both ecological and social sustainability practices. This was a valuable learning ...

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