Sanitary Pads on A Train

Railway Desert Sunset Valhalla Aakar

Looking at my screen, noticing the blotch marks of oil and grease. There's dust everywhere and my keys don't seem to press down with the same elegance they once did when she was new, my laptop, who I affectionately call "my baby" has been good to us. It is the fourth hour on our train from Kishengar ...

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8 Reasons why the food revolution might happen in your kitchen

Cover v3

With populations getting denser in metropolitan areas, we are losing space for our food to grow around us.  Many people observed this growing issue and started researching solutions to grow food effectively in their homes. These ideas developed into technologies (IE: The NutriTower) and are starting a revolution home gardening. ...

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Why I Walk Barefoot

Solar Lantern Barefoot College

In a quiet classroom forty empty chairs await their students. A blackboard, dusty with chalk, takes up one wall; directly opposite a world map flutters in the dry desert breeze from an open window. Sunlight streams in from the doorframe, as the students begin to take their places around a long trestle ...

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#Growing The Future


When I was a kid, my dad had a compost pile. Seems to me he didn't really turn it, nor did it seem like he did much to control the amounts of carbon and nitrogen in there, though I do remember him driving around our neighbourhood after dark in the fall ...

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Overpopulation: Fact Or Myth?

Before starting this article, I wish to specify that it is not because I choose to question the concept of overpopulation that I also question the need to end poverty, overconsumption and environmental destruction. Overpopulation may be a concept, but poverty and unsustainable practices are a reality and my life is geared towards ...

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Super Plant: Stinging Nettle

nettle plantt

Super foods. They seem to be trending. So much ado about consuming these preciously nutritious products as part of our daily diets. Acai berries, quinoa, chia seeds, matcha, hemp seeds, raw cacao... It's great that we are becoming more aware of the role good nutrition plays in our lives and ...

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EBOLA: An Article Directed At Inspiring You

Ebola is a disease caused by an ebolavirus. Symptoms start two days to three weeks after contracting the virus, with a fever, sore throat, muscle pain, and headaches. Without treatement, -typically- vomiting, diarrhea, and rash follow, along with decreased function of the liver and kidneys. (3)

Ebola is a disease caused by an ebolavirus. Symptoms start two days to three weeks after contracting the virus, with a fever, sore throat, muscle pain, and headaches. Without treatment -typically- vomiting, diarrhea, and rash follow, along with decreased function of the liver & kidneys. The virus is acquired upon contact with blood or bodily fluids of an ...

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A Sprouting Dream:

adorable sprout greenseed dream

About 1 year ago today, Valhalla received a generous donation from an angel donor affiliated with many non-profit social enterprises. The grant was used on developing & designing a vision born from the hearts of members with a dream to make sustainability main stream - to make sustainability happen now. So ...

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Get Out of Your Dreams, Get into Our Bus!


Growing up in our society, it's common for us to be unsure about what our next step in life should be. We question whether there's a place for us in this big automated machine that seems to completely disconnect us from the environment, from our community and from ourselves.Solutions exist ...

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5 Badass Women You Should Know

Hooded Face female empowerment equality day celebrate vandana shiva earth powerful girl

Our current systems of management, decision-making, politics, economic policy, foreign affairs, media (and more) have been constructed out of predominant patriarchal societies, hence the very fabric of all structures are -literally- Man-Made. If we are to create the beautiful world we know is possible in our hearts, one thing is for sure; we ...

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EBike Sales Are Electrifying Worldwide Makerts


Bikes have probably been a part of your life since you were a child; and it probably revolutionized your world, well its about to do it again!! The bicycle is the global vehicle of choice; the perfect marriage between affordability and practicality. It is mass produced by the hundred of millions to ...

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Supplying Basic Needs to Everyone

Supplying basic needs

A vital part of Valhalla Movement is the three ethics in permaculture: Care for the People, Care for the Earth, and Share the Surplus.  In order to fulfill those ethics, we had to ask; what do these ethics mean for us? Applying permaculture locally began our journey. Companion planting, remediation of GMO ...

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I Trust You, Do You Trust Me?

Trust Florian Klauer

I have to say that one of the greatest things about working in the field of Sustainability is the people you meet along the way. I suppose that once we realize we are innately interconnected with nature, we become Environmentalists. But then the unavoidable fact that we -as humans- are also interconnected ...

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Take Back The Land – Dr. Vandana Shiva

Dr. Vandana Shiva taking back the land

I always tell people Dr. Vandana Shiva is the Martin Luther King Jr. of our time. Fighting for the freedom and justice of Mother Earth. It's important to consider just how important the land is to us all, if we're ever going to be ready to embrace that desired harmony with ...

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Dear Skeptics

Photo by Craig Garner

A lot of people have confronted me over the years about the truth around climate change, whether it's a huge conspiracy, whether the hockey stick graph is a myth, and the IPCC E-mails leak that has been used to negate climate change's human causes. Others point to previous Ice Ages and ...

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Practical Permaculture Workshop Series

P3 Permaculture

This summer P3 Permaculture and Valhalla are collaborating to bring you some practical techniques in permaculture that you can build at home, on your balcony and back yards.  These topics are intermediate level so there is details available that we would not cover in an introduction to these topics. All workshops are taught by Graham ...

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Being A Channel For Good

Preston Smiles Channel Good Valhalla Movement

Think about this; As people - who live among many other people - we engage countless times in social transactions which we usually consider insignificant and perhaps avoidable. But what if, when you left your home in the morning, you realize a different meaning toward those engagements. You realize that perhaps you ...

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They Invented Tree Hugging

Badass tree hugger bishnoi woman

It's something often done these days - but have you ever wondered who were the first to start this powerful non-violent style of protest? February of this year, Sheila and I located and learned from an ancient tribe of people who call themselves, The Bishnois. What came from the visit involved way more ...

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Climate Change[d]

From Climate Change to Climate Changed

continuing our conversation earlier... Consider that a simple Google News search of the term ‘climate change’ brings up a litany of articles on how a disaster is linked to the phenomenon, or how known consequences are actually worse than initially thought [13]. The basic point of these articles -and the daily ...

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Why We Keep Pressing Snooze On Climate Change

HQ Snooze on Climate Change

In a recent interview, retired Navy Rear Admiral David Titley explained that climate change impacts were a threat to national security [1]. The threat of war is just one more in a long list of climate change horrors that scientists and activists say will occur by the end of the ...

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Damage Control; The Potato


Potatoes are reported to have been domesticated somewhere between 8000 BCE and 5000 BCE. This starchy tuber began its roots in South America and has since spread all around the world, becoming a staple food crop to many cultures. The colourful history of the potato has a lot to teach us ...

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+2,000 Nepalis Hug Trees For Love


So this seems to be all the talk here in Kathmandu, just a short couple of days ago when Nepali World Record holder, Thaneswor Guragai executed the World's Largest Collective Tree Hug (results pending by Guinness). His objectives were the following 1. Implanting a sense of responsibility of tree protection. 2. Global ...

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Hawthorn for your heart


The world is full of unexplained phenomenon, and to our ancient ancestors these unseen forces where things of magic and myth. In the past, the May Bush could not be explained in words and therefore was a container of immense magical power. The magic tree When Merlin was an old man and ...

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